YouTube Videos Featuring The Lymm Dance
1986 - 2020

It is possible to "jump" to the dance in the YouTube description (may have to 'show more')

1986 Lymm Rushbearing

2.55: All collected figures
7.52: All figures except Cast Down
13.38: Selection until the battery ran out

1991 Lymm Rushbearing

Lymm Processional Featured

2003 Lymm Rushbearing

5.00: Complete Dance

2012 Lymm Rushbearing

1.23: Performance at the Church Green
6.35 Performance in Lymm Village Hall

2020 Lymm Rushbearing

Socially Distanced Rushbearing and Dance 

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The Lymm Morris Dancers
Last updated 19 March 2023